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Anti-Oppression Based Psychodynamic, Relational, and Existential Therapy to Uncover Patterns and Their Roots, Gain Insights to the Self, and Create the Changes You Need and Want

Relationship Therapy

Guidance and Counseling to Work through Challenges or Conflicts in Relationships of All Kinds to Build Healthier Ways to Understand, Relate, and Communicate Across Needs and Identities

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Psychotherapy Conducted Alongside Psychedelic Medication as a Potent Way to Work on Both the Physiological and Psychic Components of Healing


Supervision is Available for Pre-Licensed or Licensed Clincians Seeking to Deepen Their Practice and Have an Experienced Thought Partner as We Journey through this Complex Work


Anti-Oppression and Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Trainings Offered for a Variety of Topics Including Race, Gender, Sexuality, Relationship Styles, etc.

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