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Samuel Kendakur, , LMHC, NCC, DEI Trained

“It is not incumbent on you to complete the task, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it.”
Pirkei Avot

My work begins and ends with anti-oppression.  I have worked for fifteen years around concerns affecting our society's most marginalized populations through organizing, training, clinical mental health work, consulting, teaching, and coaching.  While there are many avenues through which to ease suffering, I've found that the most impactful efforts come from a deep sense of connection with those you serve, whether from a personal or relational perspective.  Whether you are seeking individual or professional systemic change (often one in the same!), I'm here to stand by your side and be a collaborator and thought partner towards the shifts you wish to make for a more fulfilling, reflective, and intentional life.

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