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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
Albert Einstein

While Ketamine has circulated in various medical and non-medical spaces for some time now, it has more recently been made legally accessible to mental health professionals as a way to enhance the work of psychotherapy.  It can be a powerful time-limited medication supplement to support your personal work and allow for greater and swifter access to the mental, emotional, and physical material we already work with in therapy.

Ketamine is known to enhance neuroplasticity, or in other words, make the mind more malleable and able to change and make new connections.  As such, its use can have an extremely powerful and notable effect on psychic experiences such as depression, anxiety, trauma responses, etc. as well as one’s general mode of thinking and arranging their internal terrain.  In essence, Ketamine can provide alternative ways to access and process challenging experiences as well as expedite new learning. 


Ketamine treatments can be used as an alternative to daily psychiatric medication, in conjunction with other medications, or stand alone as a different approach to one’s personal work.  While there are many different routes of administration as well as solely chemical versus therapeutically-integrated ways to work with Ketamine, I am currently (in conjunction with an online medical team) offering an oral sublingual (lozenge) mode of administration that is done alongside talk therapy.  There are many effective ways to utilize Ketamine therapy, but a combined approach of the medication with psychotherapeutic integration allows for a potent way to maximize and tailor the benefits.

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